20 Tips to leverage your phone system

Messages on Hold Australia recently produced an info-graphic containing the top 20 tips for improving call flows within your business by being smart about how your business answers the phone and the options that you give the caller.

Most phone systems today either come with a voice recording service/voice mail or have the option to add this feature. It certainly presents a professional image to the caller and is efficient in the distribution of calls, even if only used at night time so you never miss a call. With today’s technology and as mentioned in a previous blog about NEC’s bundled phone system where these features are standard in the basic package,  there is no reason why a business should not have some form of messaging service.

In addition to this, Messages on Hold provide promotional messages scripted by creative copywriters, voiced by professional voiceover artists, and mixed with background music for your callers to hear when on hold, which can advise such things as services or products you provide that your callers may not be aware of or information about your company in general. We can organise this service for you and have done so for hundreds of our clients.

I’m sure you will find some tips in the info-graphic below on how to improve the image of your business or at least some intelligent ways to leverage the technology you have invested in.

Click on the image below to view the top 20 tips

Messages on hold top 20 tips


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