4 Major Implications Mobile Technology has on every Company

Mobile internet use has grown dramatically in the last 5 years, outpacing the growth of stationery internet users by a factor of 15! While stationery internet users are still more than two times that of mobile users, the growth in mobile users each year is enormous, 251% over the last 5 years. Dusan Belic from Intomobile has outlined the 4 major implications every business has to deal with:

1. The number of mobile app users will overtake stationary web users

Eventually a great part of today’s 7 billion mobile subscribers will possess a capable device and will make use of apps. The biggest challenge will be to tap into the developing countries…

2. IT development will become mobile

If private and business users are mobile, IT solutions will have to follow. Mobile app development business has already become a multi-billion dollar business, but this is just the beginning. Enterprises will mobilize their IT solutions and hundreds of thousands of IT developers will have to be trained in mobile programming languages.

3. The mobile channel will become a key strategy element for every company

There is no industry that is not affected by the new mobile channel. It will be a challenging task to create, develop, maintain and manage hundreds of mobile services on an increasing number of platforms and for a diversity of internal and external user groups.

4. M&A will become hot

Because of the speed the market developments and the time it takes to implement changes within an organization, companies will open their pockets and start to buy apps and mobile service companies to keep up with the pace of the market.

Regardless of the time scale, this inevitability makes companies’ mobile/app and web strategy in the long run more important than their PC/web strategy… Additional details are available from research2guidance’s “Smartphone App Market Monitor; Data Package Vol. 10.