Amazing New Pricing for International Roaming

As indicated in our blog last month, Telstra have just released new pricing for International Roaming starting from 14/10/13. Check out their announcement below along with the amazing new prices.

“We all love to travel. But for many of us, it’s also important to stay in touch with friends and family, not to mention all the daily activities like social media, banking and emails. That’s why it’s so important to add ‘activate international data roaming’ to your travel to-do list.

From today, if you’re a Post-Paid customer you’ll have five times the reasons to do that as our new Casual Traveller Data Packs will provide five times the data at the same price. The new details are:

  • $29 for 100MB to use over 30 days across 50 countries
  • $85 for 300MB to use over 30 days across 50 countries
  • $160 for 600MB to use over 30 days across 50 countries
  • $350 for 1.5GB to use over 30 days across 50 countries

As a comparison previous pricing was as follows:

  • $29 for 20MB 
  • $85 for 60MB
  • $160 for 120MB
  • $350 for 300MB
  • $550 for 500MB
  • $1,050 for 1GB
  • $1,800 for 2GB

What a  massive saving and with these new data plans, we estimate that for an overseas trip like a quick six-day hop to the US, a week-long break in Bali or a 10 day adventure in Europe, a 600MB pack for $160 would suffice. This is based on average data usage of between 40 MB and 60 MB per day, which would work out to be around $16 per day. View our Itinerary builder here so you can see all the countries we have you covered in.

We’ve also increased the data allowance on our International Frequent Traveller Data Plans five-fold and reduced our casual data roaming rate to just $3 per MB.

Also, to help you stay up to date with your data usage while travelling, we’ll send you an SMS alert for every 20MB of usage. This will help you avoid post-travel bill shock.  Not sure how much data you’ll need? Use our handy calculator to estimate your data usage.

Be sure to read up on all the benefits of our new packs before you set off on your next holiday! Stay tuned for further announcements on improvements to our Pre-Paid IR Data Packs, which are coming soon.” by Telstra Crowd Surfer.

If you are travelling overseas, a reminder to make sure that you contact us at least one week prior to departure to ensure that it is activated by the required date. To request an activation click here.