Android Flash Player Update

Some Android users may have noticed that some videos on the internet might not be working, or may have come across the “blue lego block” when trying to watch a video. This generally happens on news videos or any other kind of video streaming.

It appears that users on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3, 4.0.4 and JellyBean 4.1 may have these problems. I’ve researched into the issue and found that it’s an out-dated Flash Player installed on the Android device that simply can’t handle the newer requirements to stream multimedia.  According to some Android sites, it appears that native support for Flash may be a thing of the past as HTML5 gains popularity, however in the meantime, there appears to be an updated Flash Player that can be loaded to fix the problem. Excellent.

The .apk file that you can download here:  Install this onto your Android device and this should solve that problem for you.

Shannon Lang