Android Users Consume More Mobile Data Than iPhone Users

MONDAY, MARCH 4TH, 2013 AT 11:06 AM

According to Cisco, your Android handset is gobbling up more data compared to the iPhone. Based on mobile data consumption statistics, Android users consume 38% more megabytes per user than iPhone users. This number has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the cause of the increase has been unknown until now.

According to Business Insider, who analyzed the data, came up with these conclusions:

“Approximately 70% of the traffic generated by an iPhone is over Wi-Fi and 30% is mobile, while on an Android smartphone, about 45% is over Wi-Fi and 55% is mobile. The reasons why iPhone may offload more traffic might include: (1) iPhones automatically revert to Wi-Fi if available (most Android phones do now too, but it varies), (2) iPhone users may watch more video and download more apps than Android users, and video consumption and app downloading tends to take place in a stationary environment where Wi-Fi is likely to be available.”

Sounds good. But really, I’m not so sure that iPhone users tend to consume more media or use more apps than Android users while using mobile data. Seems to me that it may be an issue of Android phones not being as integrated to automatically connecting to Wi-Fi as the iPhone, or the use of iTunes as a main place to buy and consume video and other media.

Whatever the answer, Android users are certainly using their fair share of mobile data compared to iPhone users. What do you think the reasons are for this data usage disparity? Let us know.