Best Apps to get you Organised

A lot of us are time poor and being organised can be a challenge however here are some great Apps to help your day be more efficient.

Any.Do is a simple, award winning to do list app “featuring innovative and modern life planning tools. It helps you manage life in a simple, clever and fun way”. Available for both Apple and Android.

Any Do iphone

Dashlane helps you keep track of all your passwords, automatically logs you in to your most used websites and your data is encrypted with the strongest algorithm there this so that even Dashlane don’t have access to your data.   Don’t waste any more time saving passwords in a document or anywhere else, Dashlane remembers it all for you and is much more secure. Available for both Apple and Android.


Card2Contact is a digital format of saving all your business cards that you accumulate by recording the cards using your phone. It allows you to take a picture of the card and the app will parse the image and pull out all the relevant contact details. It can also record when and where you met the person and allow you to add a follow up in your calendar to make contact again.  Available for Android only.


 lets you save articles, web pages and videos for later. By putting it in Pocket, it’s saved on your phone, tablet or computer and you don’t need an internet connection to read/view them at a later date. Available for Apple and Android.


MindNode is a brainstorming app, designed to help you map out projects and ideas on the go. Featured as the “App Store best of 2012”, MindNode makes it easy to brainstorm and organize your thoughts, so you can focus on your ideas. Available for both Apple and Android.