The Business Benefits of Teleconferencing

The Business Benefits of Teleconferencing

The rapid increase of the capabilities of desktop computers, tablets and even our mobile phones have changed our personal and professional lives in ways that no one foresaw ten years ago.

One of the biggest benefits for business that has been unlocked through better video and voice quality over long distances, coupled with plummeting costs, has been the teleconference and videoconference.

And just in case you are skeptical about the potential benefits that these can deliver your business, just remember the famous skeptic who had the opportunity to buy the property rights to the telephone for a paltry $100,000. After considering it, the CEO of the potential investor company informed the inventor that he could not foresee a commercial application for the “toy”!


Reduces Travel

The most obvious benefit of teleconferences is that they reduce the burden of travel on the people who are required to attend the meeting. Businesses with more than one office, or teams that are often on the road at the same time in different locations, benefit the most.


Time Savings

It’s an old business cliché that time is money, but in the case of small businesses, it is not a cliché, but a fact of life. The time saved from being able to attend a meeting in a convenient location is a very real advantage of video and telephone conferences.


Cost Savings

Cost control is the other major advantage of teleconferencing. When business conditions are tough, as they are now, travel benefits and costs are the first thing to come under the scrutiny of the razor gang that tries to find savings in a company budget. This is a way to save costs without sacrificing business effectiveness and the vital face-to-face networking that sustains small business.


Work/Life Balance

As strange as it may sound, teleconferences and videoconferences allow employees to better maintain a work/life balance. For example, an employee who needed to be at home unexpectedly to care for an unwell family member could still “dial in” and provide their input from home.

Similarly, employees seeking to work part time or with flexible working hours can have those prospects greatly enhanced by an employer who can provide remote working options. Employers also benefit by being able to attract and retain the growing pool of employees who seek these more flexible working arrangements.

Teleconferencing and videoconferences will eventually be as common as person to person voice calls are today, so if you’d like to learn more or find out what hardware you need to make them part of your business today then contact us – we’re here to make doing business easier for you.