Dirty Phones Can Make You Sick!

A recent report into the hygiene of hotel rooms revealed where the number one “hot spot” for germs was. However, when people were asked to nominate this, almost no one correctly picked which part of the room contained the most germs.

High on the list of responses was the bathroom, closely followed by the bed and the bins. All logical, but all wrong. The dirtiest part of a hotel room was actually the remote control for the TV. There is a simple logic to this. It is the thing that is touched the most often, by the most hands, but cleaned the least.


How About Offices?

If you take that logic and apply it to a common office environment, it leads you to one place. The phone handset. While this might not sound like the dirtiest part of your typical workplace, a recent study found that there are over 25,000 germ microbes per square inch of phone.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these phones that were recently returned to us at Tele2 by one of our clients in the food industry. Just be warned, don’t look at them on a full stomach!



Do Clean Phones Really Matter?

At Tele2, we provide advice and guidance about cutting edge technology solutions for your business. But we also make sure that your hardware is in good working order, and stays that way.

We do this so you can protect the investment you make in your systems. But even more important is the investment you make in your employees and clients. Results of a study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research show that employees would pay an average of $240 a year to ensure that they didn’t have to work in an unhygienic workplace.

The business case is even stronger, with Australian employers losing $5.4 billion a year from days off as a result of sick leave.


What Can Tele2 Do to Help?

One of the best ways to ensure the phones in your office stay clean and safe to use is to arrange a phone maintenance contract with us. In addition to troubleshooting technical issues, it also means that you get a free visit each year to have your phones checked and professionally cleaned.

While the phone maintenance contract is only available to those clients who currently have a Tele2 telephone system, those businesses without can also have the benefit of our services. If your business would like a one-off status check, cleaning and maintenance of your handsets, just get in touch with us to arrange an appointment and enquire about pricing.


Prevention Better Than Cure

The old wisdom holds true for your phones: an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Regular maintenance and care is much better than replacing them once they get into the state they were in the picture above.

Unfortunately, the phones we received back from the client in that case were beyond repair, and couldn’t be safely sanitised and returned to service.

Because that is sometimes the case, we have built a partnership with T2 Environmental, a local Sunshine Coast business which provides environmentally friendly waste management services. They offer a phone recycling service to Sunshine Coast businesses, and they’ve told us that the handsets have been broken up for scrap and sent to the appropriate recycling plants.

Dirty phones don’t often cross the minds of most business owners, but they are a real health hazard if left unchecked. Employees and clients value a clean working environment, and the savings to business from less time lost to sickness is very real.

If you’d like to arrange for your office phones to be professionally cleaned and sanitised, contact Tele2 today by clicking here.

If your old phone system is beyond repair and you would like it collected for recycling, contact T2 Environmental by phoning 1300 738 612, or alternatively email them by clicking here.