Exciting New Members and Updates to our Team

Hopefully you have heard about some of the exciting changes that have been taking place graeme rose resizedhere at Tele2. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain to you a little more about the things that are happening and how this will affect you.

Firstly I would like to say thank you for being a customer of Tele2. I hope you have enjoyed your experience when dealing with us over the years.  Tele2 has an exceptional team of highly skilled people who pride themselves on providing a level of service that goes beyond expectations. This is one area that is not going to change. There is however room for improvement and there are some internal changes we will be making that will ensure Tele2 can offer you even more.

I am extremely fortunate that Ross, who I am sure you will agree has been instrumental in the success of Tele2, will continue to run the business. Ross shares a passion for customer service and is extremely excited about the changes we are working on. He has many inspirational stories about our customers and the relationships he has built.

Our strategy over the next few years will be to increase the range of business solutions we can offer to you. Our goal is to be your one point of contact for all your technology and communication requirements. We will be expanding our successful technology rental package to include tablets, laptops, PC’s, mobiles and wireless solutions. We will also be providing a full range of electrical recycling for all your unwanted technology.

About Me

I was born and raised in Lancashire, in the north of England, close to a small, industrial, mill town called Burnley (my soccer team). I am a keen road cyclist and mountain biker and race for a Brisbane team currently sponsored by Campos Coffee. Incidentally we have just agreed a sponsorship deal with the team which will become Campos-Tele2 from January 2014.

My business career started early after being thrown in at the deep end after leaving university. I was extremely lucky to be trained and mentored by a successful entrepreneur who gave me some incredible opportunities. By the age of 24 I was running his recycling businesses with 20 staff, 10 collection vehicles and over a thousand contracted customers. In 2008 I started my second company, 707 Resource Management. 707 specialised in managing waste and recycling contracts for businesses throughout the UK working with local contractors to provide the collections. 707 was the fastest growing business of its kind for three years in a row and by 2012 we were managing over 500 companies and over 2000 business sites.

In between my previous business ventures I spent two years living and traveling around Australia and New Zealand and fell in love with not only the Sunshine Coast, but also an Australian who later became my wife and the mother of my two children. In 2012 we decided it was time to make a permanent move to this amazing part of the world so we made the difficult decision to sell 707.

Team Member Changes

In order to facilitate our growth strategy and further improve on our levels of customer service we are excited to introduce you to some new members of our team. We also have details of updates to existing roles. This will hopefully provide clarification on your points of contact.

Kevin CarbeKevin Carbe

Kevin Carbe, our Telstra Fixed Liaison responsible for moves, adds or changes in relation to land lines, data and call plans is moving into our Mobile Specialist role. Kevin has a large amount of experience in mobiles, working previously for the top two carriers in mobility and brings with him much enthusiasm and passion for this sector of the market. We welcome you to contact Kevin for all activation’s, re-contracts or changes in relation to your mobile services and hardware.

Jason Burger

Jason Burger has recently joined our team as the Telstra Fixed Liaison and is taking over Jason Burger SL Phthis role from Kevin. Jason has had extensive experience in the communications industry, previously working for Telstra and other communications companies where he has been recognised for his ‘can-do’ attitude and consistently being a top performer. Jason prides himself on contributing to the team through streamlining processes, identifying new product opportunities and enhancing knowledge and skills. We welcome you to contact Jason for adds, moves and changes in relation to land lines, call plans and data plans.


Denise Walsh

Lastly we are excited to introduce you to Denise Walsh. Denise is joining our team as SalesDenise Walsh Executive for communications solutions including phone systems, mobiles and data. Denise has a Diploma in business management and human resources so she understands the business process and key factors that are important to every organisation. Denise has extensive experience in the communications industry, not only in Australia but also overseas, in face to face business providing whole of business solutions. Denise prides herself on 100% customer satisfaction and providing proactive results for her clients, resulting in being awarded Regional Account Manager of the Year. We welcome you to contact Denise for all your communications requirements.

We look forward to working with you and providing all of your business technology needs in the future. If you have any questions or immediate requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 07 5478 2000. Thanks again for being a customer and I welcome any feedback you have, good or bad, about Tele2.

Graeme Rose