The Future of Mobile Phones

In the short space of a decade we’ve gone from marvelling at how our mobile phones had colour screens to taking for granted the large, beautiful touch screen phones that almost everyone now carries in their pockets and handbags.

The computer that sent man to the moon and back took up an entire room, but now we hold processing and computing power far in excess of that in every single smartphone as a result of breakneck speed advances in miniaturisation, processing speed and digitisation of information.

But that may not be anything compared with what is about to come.


What’s Coming?

The great thing about technology is that it operates in an almost evolutionary way. What we mean by this is that each new technology opens new doors and possibilities. In effect, each new advance or development can lend some of its “DNA” to developers working on new devices and technology. In this way, technology can even be thought to as “giving birth” to new advances.

And the pace of advancement gets faster and faster as new applications for existing tech is thought of, and completely new hardware and software is invented.


New Concepts


One of the things that we’ve become most used to with our screen based technology is the concept of a “flat” design. Whether it’s our large screen plasma and LCD televisions, desktop monitors at work or smartphones, flat screens are the norm.

It is only recently that televisions have started to adopt curved screens that greatly enhance the picture quality and the feeling of experiencing what’s on the screen rather than just watching it.

Now imagine if the same thing could be applied to your phone. Curved screens are the next frontier for a whole range of phone companies, as they mimic natural contours more readily which makes them stronger and less susceptible to cracking and warping.


From Curved to Folding

Folding phone

Imagine if that concept was taken to the complete extreme. What if you could fold your phone into different forms? That’s what some companies are experimenting with by developing flexible OLED screens and experimenting with graphene, which allows the same result: a completely foldable, flexible screen.


On Your Wrist

Apple recently created a lot of excitement by announcing their long awaited smartwatch. But it is still a watch, which is what some concept phones aim to fix. They are aiming to move the phone from a pocket or bag to your wrist, and many are stylish to boot, with bright screens and features that make them look more like jewellery than a piece of technology.

The only thing we can predict with confidence is that 10 years from now, phones will not resemble what we know them as today. Don’t believe us? Well consider this: 10 years ago, the most popular phone in the world was the black and white display, bubble-like, Nokia 1100 whose major features were a calculator and built in stopwatch!