Good News – Tele2 Can Save Your Business Money!

As a local Sunshine Coast-based small business, we are always looking at ways to save on costs while also offering better service to our clients and customers. It may seem like you need to choose one or the other, but a range of new technologies and business services mean that both are within reach, and we thought we’d bring a few to your attention here.


Changing Technology

At Tele2 we always find it interesting how different technologies often end up evolving and serving needs that no one, even the inventors, saw coming.

One of the recent examples that we find really interesting, and have been telling all of our business customers about, is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communication. If VOIP sounds like a character from a science fiction movie (perhaps the latest Transformers blockbuster) you’re not actually far from the mark.

The technology for VOIP has existed for as long as the internet itself, but as with many advances, the initial growth and adoption of the technology was driven by technologically savvy gamers and internet geeks.

Gamers often used VOIP systems to communicate in real time while they played massive open online multiplayer games, often with thousands of participants at one time.

So what does that have to do with your business?


Business and VOIP

Some of you will have already spotted the way in which VOIP can be adapted for business use. Real-time communication while also being able to refer to a desktop screen, tablet or other multimedia device is something that almost every business would be keen to adopt to reduce the torrent of emails that flows through inboxes every week.


Why Have I Never Heard of This Before?

Actually, chances are you have, except that it’s likely you’ve heard of the “brand name” rather than the backbone technology. Companies like Skype (owned by Microsoft), Viber, Vonage and Verizon all offer VOIP services, and are a popular and have become a popular and low cost way for international travellers to stay in contact with family and friends back home.


The Savings

The first and most significant saving for many businesses is the ability to dispense with the need to install new phone lines to handle call volumes. VOIP services connect directly to your broadband network, getting rid of the need to expand your phone infrastructure with new fixed lines as your business grows.

For small businesses just starting out, VOIP means you can avoid the need to install expensive fixed lines in the first place.

Long distance calling cost savings is also a huge factor to consider as a business benefit to VOIP. They are cheaper to communicate with than the traditional service, instantaneous and cut out the need for the middleman.

Mobility is an increasingly important consideration for businesses and business owners and employees are drawn to companies with flexible work arrangements and customers demand a wider range of access to services.

VOIP enables this by allowing the install of these services to mobile devices, often in the form of an app, so people are reaching on their “work line” even when they aren’t physically in the office. This means that working from home or during modified hours is much more achievable, and translates to better efficiency and lower costs for the business.


No Commitments

If you are after a more flexible solution with hardware for communication, Tele2 has you covered there as well. We can offer a range of rental only plans for desk phones, headsets and other communications hardware so that you don’t have to find the money to pay for a large hardware bill up front.

These mean that your cash flow can be managed more effectively, without the need for a lump sum payment. We also offer the option to take up a fixed term rental, so you know exactly how much you are paying, and when.


Partnerships Save Money

Good business partnerships are all about mutual advantages, and that’s exactly what Tele2 can do for you because of our partnership with Australia’s leading small business communications specialist, Telstra.

After listening to their customers in the small and medium sized enterprise space, Telstra came up with a custom plan to suit their needs called the All-4-Biz bundle. These give businesses to choose the bundle that suits their needs the best, along with much cheaper call rates and bonuses for loyalty in the form of savings.

We’re a local Sunshine Coast business ourselves, and our interest is providing great service and tools that will allow your business to grow and prosper. So if you have come across anything in this article that you think could save your business money, and would like to know more, then please contact us by clicking here. And if you just want a more general chat about telecommunications solutions for your business, that’s great as well, we’re sure we can work with you to find a result that benefits both you and your customers.