HTC Desire 310

HTC is attempting to become the third force in global smartphones, behind the dominant industry players in Apple and Samsung. To run down the clear leaders they have embarked on an ambitious strategy to produce a high quality smartphone which is still accessible at the budget end of the market, rather than the premium.

Enter the Desire 310

The HTC Desire 310 is aiming to the be answer to the question of how you can have a HTC-Desire-310-resizedpremium smartphone for a budget price. As far as earning the premium tag goes, HTC has installed a top of the line quad core processer inside the sleek new handset, giving this new entrant some serious punch.

Behind the Screen

The processer runs at a snappy 1.3 gigahertz which requires a serious investment in RAM to keep everything moving along smoothly. To service that need HTC has beefed up the Desire 310 with 1 gigabyte of RAM, which compares favourably to other budget smartphones.

In terms of software HTC has also been on the innovation trail. The most noteworthy is the free inclusion of software that takes a leaf from the books of social media giants Instagram and Pinterest to mash up your photos and video clips into a package that looks like a curated and edited show reel. For sharing photos from an event like a fishing trip or holiday, it sure beats simply scrolling through photos.

HTC is a committed member of the Android developer family, with Android 4.2, better known as Jelly Bean, powering the Desire 310. Although Android has progressed to the next version of its operating system (Kit Kat) Jelly Bean is far from being out-dated, with the Google Play store housing literally thousands of apps that excel on the platform.

On the Back

Unfortunately, the camera isn’t as high quality as some rivals, with a 5 megapixel model on the back. Ultimately, when it comes to budget smartphones, this is the area where they make sacrifices to trim the price tag. But for photos of friends at parties, family events and other day to day events, 5 megapixels is a serviceable phone camera.

Look and Feel

Like Apple and its iPhones, HTC has a model design for its Desire series and the 310 is no different, with the build largely being a tweak on the previous models. The corners are slightly softer than the flagship HTC One. HTC has also taken the popular route of producing the Desire 310 in bright striking colours with a fluorescent orange available alongside the more muted navy blue and white.

If the HTC Desire 310 delivers what it promises, a smartphone with luxury features with a low price tag, it is likely to take a large slice of the budget smartphone market, particularly among those with a preference for Android backed phones.

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