Introducing the NEC Univerge SV9000

With the busy holiday season fast approaching, communication becomes even more important than ever. But while the holidays are a time when messages are conveyed via Christmas cards and over a cold drink after a hot day, the importance of business communications are just as crucial – as many small businesses and sole traders experience a significant uptake in volume during the busy summer months.

That’s why having the right communications solution for your business is so important. We always work towards keeping you updated with information on new products and updates from our trusted partners and suppliers – particularly those produces and services that we think will make your life easier.


A Strong History

NEC has long been synonymous with business communications in Australia, with the company working hard over decades to win over the small business and mid-sized business market. At Tele2 we are a proud NEC partner, as we believe the company’s track record of listening to its customers and its innovation pipeline has consistently delivered strong results for the users of its products.


A Next Generation Solution

With this in mind, it was with great excitement that we read about the release of the NEC Univerge SV9000 series. While the name might seem something more suited to a high performance V8 Supercar, the truth is that these devices are powerful systems in their own right.



The headline features of the latest NEC Univerge platform update include an ability to scale up the system as your business grows. This means that whether your small business has a small team of 4 or 5 extensions, or has quickly grown to 25 employees or even over 1000, this system can keep pace with your growth.

That makes it scalable, lower cost and flexible, and also means that once you have one, you don’t have to worry about upgrading it as your business grows.

The system also comes with a very simple licencing agreement that can be tailored to your businesses individual requirements, and means that small business does not bear a disproportionate cost relative to larger companies.

Smartphones have given personal users of phone systems the ability to assign their contacts to groups, and the NEC Univerge system achieves the same result. This is done by allowing you and your staff to treat each call according to it’s priority and importance, which means that your business becomes more efficient.

We live in an age where return on investment is the most important consideration for running a business. When buying an upgrade such as the NEC Univerge, the concern is often that it will not work with existing infrastructure. However, NEC is well aware of this stumbling block, and have worked hard to ensure that their new update is “reverse compatible” meaning that many older systems will work seamlessly with the SV9000 system.

The NEC Univerge SV900 is a sleek, modern, functional and cost effective update for your business phone system.

If you have any other questions about this, or any other products that will help you run your business better through more effective and efficient communications, just give us a call on 075478 2000 or email us by clicking here. Our friendly and professional team is here to help make doing business simpler.