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We are your local representative for all Telstra products, services and queries.  In fact as a Telstra Business Solutions Professional, we are able to fulfill all your communication and technology needs in relation to:

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  • Business lines
  • Home lines
  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Accessories
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What’s the benefit of calling Tele2 instead of Telstra direct? Talk to a local, face to face (we prefer to come to you) and let us deal directly with Telstra on your behalf. We offer this entire service free of charge. Tele2 prides itself on honest, ethical and open communication with our clients ensuring that we offer the most benefit to your business in relation to cost and efficiency and we will not provide you a product or service unless there is a direct benefit. This could be as simple as a free review of your current accounts. Many of our customers hadn’t considered this until we showed them the savings they are eligible for. Join the list of happy Tele2 customers getting better bang for buck!

Here are just a few of Telstra’s current offerings with huge benefits.

Telstra Biz Essentials phone and data bundles

Combine your fixed phone line and broadband with a Telstra Biz Essentials Bundle, all in one plan, one bill. What’s more, the savings are impressive. We have been able to save customers, on average, 30% on their fixed line bill simply by introducing Telstra’s Biz Essentials Bundles. Some bundles offer unlimited calls, business broadband, message bank and caller ID all for a small monthly fee.

Telstra All 4 Biz Bundles

All-4-Biz bundles reward those who combine their fixed lines, mobiles, broadband, T-Suite, Data & IP and other eligible services all to the one account. The bigger plan you get, the cheaper the call rates and best of all, you are provided with a Loyalty Bonus in the form of a technology fund, available upfront, to spend on approved products or charges. In many cases customers are using their technology fund to pay for the upgrade of their phone system,  mobiles, and other business communications equipment all for just committing their monthly spend with Telstra.

Telstra PhoneWords

A PhoneWord is simply an alphanumeric phone number that spells a word, example 1300 FLIGHT. Prefixes used at the beginning can be either 1300, 1800 or 13.  Thousands of Australian businesses have embraced PhoneWords, using this asset to underpin their marketing and advertising activities. Telstra phone words is a solution for for companies wanting to grow their market share and extract a greater return on their marketing and advertising spend. Phone words are more memorable than phone numbers and they increase advertising response rates up to 5 times, improves advertising ROI and complements online strategies.

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