Make Money From Your Old Phones and Gadgets

Take a minute next time you pull out your phone and think about how many different handsets you’ve had over the years. If you’re anything like us at Tele2, between regular upgrades, unfortunate accidents, and the occasional impulse buy of a shiny new device, you’ll have around half a dozen phones in your history.

It’s likely your old phones have found themselves in a bin, or bottom drawer, collecting dust. But just because your old phones aren’t in use any more, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some money from them to help pay for your new one!

There is a range of web-based and physical marketplaces where you can sell your old technology. In addition, there are a number of companies that will buy your phone from you.

So which phones have the best resale value, and where can you go to turn your phones into cash?


Sale Items

Although phones are the most easily resold, the fact that tablets have been around for half a decade now means that they are now also candidates for upgrades, which means that there is a growing market for second hand tablets.

In addition, laptops that have been replaced by newer models also re-sell well, as many people prefer not to pay top dollar for a device that will be used only occasionally. This second-hand market for laptops will grow in the next few years in Queensland as schools implement the new “bring your own device” program in classrooms, driving demand for affordable laptops.

It is probably no surprise that the Apple suite of products, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBook’s are all sought after, with other large brands like Samsung also performing well on the second-hand market.



One of the simplest ways to sell your old devices from your own home is to list it online.

Gumtree is probably the simplest way to do this. The advantages are the simple platform which only requires an email address to sign up. After that, you can put up to 12 photos of your product along with a description and your location on a page for browsers to find. It works a lot like the old classifieds sections of newspapers, and Gumtree is one of the most high-traffic websites in Australia.

It also benefits from having no transaction fees associated with a successful sale.



eBay is the other large online marketplace that generates a high number of sales and traffic. You can choose an “auction” format to try and get a higher price or list your item at a fixed price.

The disadvantages of the platform are that once an auction sale is finished, you must sell the item at the closing price. In addition, eBay takes around 10% of the final selling price as a fee for using the website.



One of the non “market” ways to sell your goods online is to advertise them to your Facebook friends. People generally prefer buying second hand goods from people they know and trust, so it’s likely that you’ll generate just as many responses from this method as you would from Gumtree or eBay.

Inviting your Facebook friends to privately message you if they’re interested is also a good tactic to use to get more replies.


Cash Converters

Cash Converters and pawnbrokers are a way to get cash for your old goods if you are in need of money urgently or don’t want to wait around for online responses. However, remember they are businesses that will sell your goods to someone else, so they will pay you a lower amount than you would get otherwise, in order for them to ensure that they make a profit.


Trade In

Apple Stores and other retailers have a trade in program that will give you credit for certain models if you’re upgrading your phone or device, so be sure to check with the retailer when you are buying a new phone or tablet.


Online Buyers

Some businesses will pay cash for old phones and tablets. Mazuma Mobile, Mobile Monster and Cash Your Mobile are all examples of this type of business.



Of course, if your old phone is no longer in working order, none of these options will do you much good. But rather than throwing it in the bin, be sure to recycle your phone. They contain many chemicals and electronics that will not break down in landfill and that can be harmful to the environment.

If that’s you, just drop your old phone into Tele2, where we have a recycling box, or click here to contact another great Sunshine Coast business, T2 Environmental, which offers great electronic waste recycling services.