NEC – Awarded No 1 Worldwide Market Leader in PBX/IP Market

NEC is a company that most Australians have come into contact with at some point in their
 lives. This isn’t surprising, with the Japanese electronics and information technology giant 
at the forefront of the group of companies who brought Australian consumers cheaper,
 more reliable, and innovative technology over the last few decades from televisions to
 home stereos and computers.

What is less known, however, is that the brand is a leader in small business services and equipment provision, and is regularly recognised with awards and commendations from this sector. These achievements are even more impressive in the context of the 115-year 
history of the company, and are testament to their motto: “Empowered by Innovation”.

Award Winning Innovation

Some of the company’s innovations were recognised at the recent 2014 iState
awards, which honour excellence in innovation and information and communications

The headline-grabbing award from that night was a mobile fingerprint scanning application. Developed in conjunction with the South Australian Police Department, this mobile
 enabled application allows real time authentication of fingerprints from crime scenes.
 Persons of interest can have their details entered in to the application, and have those
 prints effectively and accurately cross-matched against the relevant databases. This 
returns results and background information that is incredibly valuable for front line police

A Positive Community Influence

The other award that NEC Australia garnered at the iState awards was a commendation 
for it’s ongoing support for the Information Technology Apprenticeship Hub program. The
 goals of the program are to develop a employee base which is skilled and able to meet the
 recruiting needs and future demands of the local IT industry.

In an area which will be of critical importance to the Australian economy of the future, 
investments like this are crucial, as they encourage students and companies to invest in 
their skills and people.

At a more local level, it provides employment pathways for members of the community,
 while also allowing the students to utilise the vast technical expertise, guidance and skills 
that NEC can provide.

While it may be tempting to think of NEC as an overseas company, awards and programs 
such as those mentioned above are just a brief snapshot of the full range of investments
 and community engagement that NEC has in Australia.

Global Recognition

This level of local engagement is more impressive when measured in light of the
 international recognition achieved by the company, which includes being the largest vendor in the global PBX extensions and licences market, placing it ahead of industry
 titans such as Avaya and Cisco.

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Some interesting trivia for you……… below is the NEC Super Tower, headquarters of NEC Corporation in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It stands 180 meters tall (590 feet). It was completed in 1990 for commercial office space. 43 stories high, 5 underground, and cost 60 billion yen.

NEC Super Tower Japan