NEC Xen Topaz Telephone System End of Life

NEC Button Handset

NEC Business Solutions have advised that as of the 1st July 2013, the manufacture and support of the Xen Topaz telephone system will cease due to the phase out of critical components used to produce this equipment. NEC will no longer offer parts for expansion however will continue to provide technical support and repairs on a return/replacement basis during the Support Only phase.

Customers with this telephone system that currently have a maintenance agreement with Tele2 will continue to be provided with support for this equipment until the expiry of the agreement. After this time, and for customers who do not have a maintenance agreement, our company will endeavour to supply labour however refurbished parts for expansion and repairs will only be supplied if parts are available.

A strategy is in place to allow a cost effective migration path to upgrade customers who currently have the Xen Topaz series telephone systems. We can provide information on the benefits of upgrading your equipment to future proofed technology, the latest NEC platforms. Feel free to contact our office for further information and to discuss a tailored plan to minimise the impact of this product phase out and/or a plan to migrate to a converged voice/data solution.

We remind you that NEC continues to be the leader in the market providing the latest communication platforms compatible with SIP and VOIP, while providing a large range of feature rich benefits.