New Telstra Easy Share Business Plans Save Time and Money

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At Tele2 we know the importance of the tools that connect businesses to customers. Your phone calls, internet, email and data allowances all form a critical part of the total business package, and can’t be compromised on.

But there is also the reality that all those essential requirements and business improvement tools come at a cost. And when it’s for your business and livelihood, you also want to make sure that the quality of the service and the provider meets the same levels that you offer your own customers.

That’s why we were so pleased to hear about the release of some new Telstra plans that are tailored to Australian businesses. The new Easy Share Business Plans tick many boxes when it comes to offering high quality services at a reasonable price, so we thought we’d share some key elements here.

The Basics

The Easy Share Business Plan is a common sense solution that has been developed by Telstra which delivers many of the features and benefits that small and medium sized businesses in areas like the Sunshine Coast have been searching for. One of the core features is that the plan allows all data to be “pooled” into one consolidated resource that can be then drawn on be all of the eligible services on that account.

So if your office has two desktop computers and a three tablets, all five devices can draw from the total pool of data, rather than the business trying to monitor multiple accounts and different data limits. This way, the team members who need the most data can get access to the pooled resource when they need it, while those who use it a minimal amount don’t have to be set up with a separate plan just for their device.

The pooled data features is a simple fix to having half a dozen or more data caps and plans to manage and also is a huge time saver for small businesses.

Added Extras

The Easy Share Business Plan also comes with a host of other features that are likely to interest a wide range of business customers.

One of the best thought-out features of the new plans is the concession in pricing that is made on communication within companies. Any small business owner knows that email is free, but sometimes getting the right information quickly is a matter of picking up the phone and calling. Recognising this, the new plan has free calls for users who are under the same account. The data shows that almost a third of all calls made by a business dial numbers “in house”, so the cost savings are significant.

Another feature that is likely to be cheered by businesses who go through a high volume of outbound calls to customers, suppliers and buyers is the abolition of flag fall rates on calls.  This kind of saving quickly adds up, especially for users who co-ordinate several parties and customers at a given time like builders and IT providers.

Unlimited SMS, MMS, and Messagebank are not deducted from the monthly call allowance balance, which bolsters the valuable add-ons within the plan. The costs of messaging images (MMS), and accessing voice messages following missed calls are not often thought of as significant operating expenses, but bills often reveal substantial costs attaching to these services.

Plans start at as little as $55 per month, which is less than most users pay for their personal plans, so the option of switching to an Easy Share Business Plan is well worth investigating.  

Easy Share Plans

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