Nokia Lumia 920 – The Best Windows 8 Smartphone?

Kevin Carbe, our Telstra Liaison Officer, recently upgraded his mobile handset from an iPhone 5 to a Nokia Lumia 920. Here is what he had to say about changing to a different operating system and the best features of the Nokia handset.

“I can admit, a few years ago I thought Android and IOS were the best operating systems Nokia Lumia 920 BlackI’d ever used. They fulfilled all my needs and I never thought would I ever go back to owning a Nokia handset – until now. I have just recently upgraded my Apple iPhone 5 and purchased a Nokia Lumia 920.

What I like about my Nokia Lumia 920 is:

4G Network
I’m currently using Telstra for my communications provider and I personally won’t use any other network because the internet speed on the 4G network has been great and the coverage awesome. I’ve been getting speeds around 30-40mbps download and 15-17mbps upload at my apartment in Kings Beach QLD. Most areas I travel will have 4G service and if I travel to an area where there is no 4G, the handset will automatic use the Telstra Next G network. Having the 4G network turned on, it uses my battery power a bit more but I’m not concerned about it because it’s a smartphone. Some days if I travel or stay in areas where I can’t get 4G network for a long period of time, I’ll go into my setting to turn off the 4G network and run on the Next G network to save on my battery life.

With its 8.7MP camera, I find the camera a little better then the iPhone 5 for quality and easy access. One major cool thing I like is the button on the side of the phone to access the camera. I love the feature where the screen will be locked and blank and I just press and hold the camera button down to bring up the camera which gives me more time to get those Memorable photos quicker instead of unlocking the phone and finding the camera tab. Smart Shoot Lens will allow me to take multiple picture of the same image and allow me to select which photo is the best. You can download additional apps from the Market like Cinemagraph lens, Panorama lens and Bing vision to take more professional photos.

Any photos I take will automatically save on the phone and on Skydrive account (if you have your Skydrive account active). I can share any photos to any social media sites.

Microsoft Office:
Making my experience more convenient, having Microsoft Office Full version on the mobileNokia-Lumia-920 yellow allows me to edit/create a new document or excel spread sheet all on my phone. The best part I like is Skydrive. Skydrive is a cloud storage program (simular to iCloud and Dropbox) where I can save my information, not just on my phone, but also in Skydrive cloud storage service. Skdrive will give you 7GB of free storage compared to iCloud will give you 5GB storage. No matter what documents I open including attachments from emails, it will automatically save to my Skydrive account so I can access that information on any computer with internet access without carrying around a portable hard drive.

At the moment, I’m only running one email address on the phone and it was very easy to setup.

Nokia Maps/ Drive:
The first thing I did when I received my Nokia Lumia 920 was to find an address in Caloundra and what a better way than to test the GPS. The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to access and understand Nokia Maps. Once I put the address details into the phone, it picked up the address straight away with no delays. Once I selected the navigate button, and pressed start, the mapping is so detailed and up to date. It will show and say street names when directing me to the address and will show my speed and inform me if I’m speeding in areas. It will also warn me when there are fixed speed cameras.   

Other great things about the GPS is it will still work even without the 3G or 4G network so it doesn’t need internet access to work. All other handsets on the market will need to have internet access to work.

I have my phone connected to my Bluetooth in my car all the time to play my music. When I receive a message/ email or Facebook message, the phone will automatically stop the music and a voice prop will read the message to you. You can reply, ignore, call or repeat the message. I found I had to repeat myself a few times for the handset to understand my commands but having this feature is a lot safer then picking up my phone while I’m driving.

There only a few little things which make me miss my iPhone 5 which were all the apps i had access to through the Apps Store compared to the market on Microsoft as it is very limited. If I have to suggest my Top 5 apps on Microsoft Windows, they would be: Evernote, AU League 2013, EPL Live, MobileFax and Shazam.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a great Handset, and I would have to say it’s one of the best Windows 8 devices in the market today. I feel I’ve made the right decision to move away from the iPhone 5 and use a Nokia again. A Nokia was my first ever phone and now going back to Nokia, it’s making me feel young again!

Kevin Carbe.
Telstra Liaison Officer, Tele2.