Let’s take your phone bill from BIG to small

The essential bundle for any business

Ross, our Solution Specialist, went to see some customers recently and in what started out to be a simple request to have their Telstra phone bill reviewed, Ross was able to save them, on average, 30% on their fixed line bill simply by introducing some smart thinking.

Did you know that Telstra have business bundles available?

Combine your fixed phone line and broadband with a Telstra Biz Essentials Bundle, all in one plan, one bill. What’s more, the savings are impressive.

A typical business scenario is that a business pays:

  • $40 for Line Rental
  • $80 for Business Broadband
  • Plus call costs

One of the most popular Biz Essential bundles is the Max Plan. For $150 per month you receive:

  • Unlimited voice calls
  • Business broadband with a 500GB monthly data allowance (includes domain and 10 email pop mailboxes)
  • Free message bank
  • Free caller ID

Now that is awesome value! The business case means that if you are spending $30 or more in calls, which most businesses are, this is a product we need to discuss.

Don’t burn your brain working out how to cut costs, pick Tele2’s brain! This is what we are here for and we do this every day.

We are constantly up to date with latest offerings in the market so take advantage of the existing relationship that you already have with our team.

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