Half price cordless office handset – range up to 5-10 km’s!


The new Engenius SN933 Cordless Handset is definitely a hot product for the month.

This new unit is approximately half the price of the existing Engenius SN902 Industrial Cordless handset that has always been a popular favourite with our clients for its durability and super long range reception. Now this new model combines sleek looks with features similar to the industrial version. The SN933 is awesome value if you don’t need the extra durability of the SN902.engenius SN933 handset only

With an external antenna, the SN933 can achieve the ultra long range of 5 to 10 kms, depending on the environment. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 5km is not unusual for Durafon in open areas.

Product Features:

  • Expandable up to 9 handsets
  • Single Colour LCD (with white colour backlight)
  • Broadcast between handsets
  • Selectable Ring & Page Tone up to 8
  • Speakerphone function
  • Scrolling keys
  • Two-way hands-free intercom
  • Custom Name Edit
  • LCD and H/S keypad with backlit
  • Auto detection of FSK and DTMF CID signal
  • Auto change channel during conversation
  • Range up to 6km line of sight
  • 50 entry phonebook
  • 30 CID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
  • CID with call waiting (CIDCW)
  • Last 10 calls redial on handset
  • Half Duplex Broadcast
  • Full Duplex Intercom
  • Works with all existing AK series external antenna

Purchase before 30 June to reduce your tax and be able to contact your team no matter where they are!

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