Telstra’s new rugged smartphone – Dave

We’re pretty clumsy when it comes to handling our mobile phones with research revealing three in five Australians damage or break their phones.

It was this reason Telstra decided to release Dave – a rugged 4-inch Android smartphone that can handle the bumps and scrapes.

Who’s Dave?

Dave’s your new best mate. Like any good mate Dave is tough, reliable, and helps you when you need him. Take him to work or your next adventure away.


Dave has all the answers.

Powered by Android™ with access to the Google Play™ Store, Dave gets you connected to the web, your email and thousands of apps.  He’s also Blue Tick rated and recommended for rural and regional handheld coverage to help you connect in more places.

Dave’s tough.

Resistant to dust in the environment and waterproof to one metre for up to 30 mins, you don’t have to worry about dropping it in a puddle. The shock resistant casing also helps to protect from impacts.


  • Customers in 4G areas can enjoy superfast downloads and stream video with ease.
  • IP67 rated means it’s waterproof to one metre for up to 30 minutes and dust resistant.
  • Blue Tick and External RF port means it’s recommended for rural and regional handheld coverage.
  • 2500mAh battery keeps you going for longer.
  • 1.2GHz Dual-core processor with 4GB on-board memory.
  • 5MP camera with Auto-focus.


 Dimensions:  128.4 x 66.1 x 12.1mm
 Weight:  160g
 Screen:  4.0” WVGA screen with scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla Glass®
 Talk Time*:  Up to 480 minutes
 Standby Time*:  Up to 375 hours

A recent survey Telstra commissioned interviewed over 1,000 people where they found some interesting statistics regarding how many people damage or break their phones and also found some interesting ways in which they break them :

  • 58% of people have damaged or completely broken a mobile phone.
  • 79% of offenders do so by dropping it, with 23% dropping it into water.
  • 9% of damaged phones were done so by having it fall in the toilet.
  • Other responses included having it stepped on by a camel on holiday and getting raw egg in the charger socket while more popular responses included phones being driven over, left on the roof of cars, stepped on, sat on, and chewed by family pets.

This is obviously where Dave comes in. Telstra’s Director of Device Management Andrew Volard says that

We’re an Australian company with Australian customers and we wanted to give them a phone designed to handle the tough Aussie conditions.

Everyone knows a Dave and we think this phone represents the Aussie persona. The Dave is more board shorts than board room, more tradie than stock trader. And Dave is built to survive the Australian conditions, no matter if that means the beach, the bush, the building site or the backyard.

It is water proof to one metre for up to 30 minutes, dust resistant, has scratch resistant glass and a shock resistant casing to protect from impact. Importantly, it’s had a really good response from customers and sales have been really positive.

Dave is IP67 certified meaning it’s impervious to dust penetration and water resistant to a depth of about 1m, with the addition of the shock resistant casing, it seems that Telstra are pretty confident in the way that it can handle anything the environment can throw at it and this includes the Mother of all Obstacle Courses – Tough Mudder!!

For more information on Telstra Dave and to talk to one of our team, click here.