Samsung Announces New Galaxy Tab S Tablet Range

Competition is a great thing: it fuels innovation and change. Take the space race in the
1960’s for example. In their quest to reach the moon, the United States and the Soviet
Union constantly sought to one-up the other in their rivalry for technological supremacy.

The current fight for dominance in the tech industry may not be quite on the same scale,
but the rivalry is just as intense. Apple and Samsung have been going at it for the last few
years with competing product releases. The answer to the iPhone was the Galaxy mobile
phones. The answer to the iPad was the Galaxy tablet range. And now, the challenger to
the iPad Air is the recently announced, and much anticipated, Galaxy Tab S range.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inch Titanium Bronze

Last week the tech world was abuzz with the news of the new range from Samsung. And
with good reason. The company took on board feedback from consumers that showed that
for many, TV show streaming as well as viewing video content was increasingly done on
tablet computers.

The CEO of the mobile division referenced this directly in his announcement, saying that
the Galaxy Tab S was designed to give an entertainment experience that provided the
richest colours and best sound quality in a stylish and portable device.

The Specifications

Whether the Galaxy Tab S lives up to these claims lies in part in the technical
specifications of the device. First of all, Samsung has divided the range into two sizes, the
“standard” 8.4-inch and the giant 10.5-inch model.

The larger model is undoubtedly impressive, and features such as SideSync, which allows
you to receive calls and texts on your tablet, and Remote PC, which allows the Galaxy Tab
S to access your personal computer remotely, are undoubtedly best represented on the
10.5 inch version.

The screen itself is gorgeous; with an eye-popping 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution screen the
unrivalled best in class when it comes to Android powered tablets. The tablet is also 3G
optimised, and comes packing an 8-gigabyte camera with flash as well as a Quadcore
processor for lightning fast processing speeds.

Galaxy Tab S


The New Extras

Samsung is also using the launch of the new range of tablets to debut a few new gadgets
and features to entice users. The first is the interestingly named Papergarden, which is an
application that will translate magazines onto the tablet format in true colour for the first
time, but with the added benefits of networked and shared content. For design,
architecture, photography and similar areas, this is a huge step forward, as the digitisation
of these types of magazines often lost something in translating the richness of detail that
was captured on paper.

There are also inclusions like Galaxy Gifts, free membership with Marvel Unlimited and
Kindle for Samsung to target a wide range of potential users.

The Last Word

The battle between Samsung and Apple for dominance of the consumer market for
handheld devices is as fierce as ever, and with the Galaxy Tab S range of tablets,
Samsung has a worthy entrant in the latest bout.

Galaxy Tab S Infographic


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