The New Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming and comparisons

Samsung is very excited to release their latest smartphone model, the Galaxy S4. The initial consensus seems to be that the appearance and features are amazing. See the awesome article and chart below created by IntoMobile, for a comparison between the S4 and previous models – really interesting! We will keep you updated as to when this handset will be launched in Australia and available for sale.

FRIDAY, MARCH 15TH, 2013 AT 3:25 PM


Samsung Galaxy S evolution

Another Galaxy, another chart. So what has changed since the previous 3 releases? A lot, as you’re about to see from the following graphic. Sammy’s flagship grew from a 4-inch WVGA to a 5-inch full HD screen, getting a couple of additional cores along the way.

There are no doubts in my mind we’re looking at the Sammy’s next best-seller which will will likely be sold in couple dozen million of units to users all around the world. Here’s the chart showing the road to the latest Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S Evolution