Send Multiple SMS via the Web to Clients, Staff and More

Tele2 has a Web SMS Portal which allows thousands of businesses to setup, send and manage all aspects of their SMS communications from any computer anywhere in the world. Whether sending a single message or a campaign of thousands, our web SMS application provides a reliable, safe and uncomplicated SMS communication solution.

The benefit in using our SMS portal is that unlike other providers, there are NO monthly charges and our price per SMS is also much cheaper.


Features and Benefits

  • No monthly Charges
  • Low cost per text
  • Send SMS
  • Receive SMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Mass Marketing
  • Confirm Appointments
  • General PR
  • Message Staff
  • E-mail>SMS contact
  • Create Unlimited SMS Contact Groups
  • Real time stats & reporting
  • Suitable for Business’ Schools & Professionals

Email to SMS

NO downloads, NO Installations, NO websites, NO fuss!
With our email integration, just use your existing email provider like Outlook or Gmail. Utilise our Outlook integration tool or simply write an email and send it to any mobile using our simple ‘Email to SMS’ address. You will find it is the quickest and most efficient way for small volume messaging requirements. You can even receive all of your ‘Email to SMS’ replies straight back into your email inbox!


Our journeys have helped us to form partnerships with carriers and mobile operators Coverage picture for SMSaround the globe, meaning you don’t need to worry about where you’re sending your message to, as chances are, we have likely already sent messages there. We continually work to ensure that our international connections are as fast and reliable as our local connections. In fact we challenge you to send a message to a destination we don’t cover!

2 Way SMS

Would you like a response to your messages? What’s great about
SMS is not only the Websimplicity and efficiency of your communication with customers and employees, but also the ability to receive real time responses. Whether it’s confirmation of an appointment, a roster approval or acknowledgment of a prospect’s interest, our intuitive 2-Way SMS gateway will meet your most demanding SMS conversation needs.

SMS Inbound Responses

Drive and capture more leads with inbound SMS capabilities. If you’re already advertising,SMS Inbound responses image
why not include an instant call to action by using a dedicated inbound number or by enabling your existing 13/1300/1800 number to accept SMS. Our dynamic system will allow you to collect and analyse more data, capture more leads and close more sales. We can even develop an automatic response that provides customers with more details, discount coupons, payment option or anything else you think will help turn prospects into customers.

Wholesale Bulk SMS

Are you getting the right price for the SMS you provide your own customers?Wholesale bulk SMS image
Our core focus is ensuring you have the reliability and connectivity your business needs to continue delivering your SMS communications month after month. With our simple and tailored solutions we are able to provide the economy of scale; passing on savings through our wholesale partners. This means better margins, more opportunities and happier customers.

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