Stay in Touch Whether You’re in the Office or on the Road

A ringing phone can mean any number of things for a business, but the most valuable calls
to your desktop handset or mobile phone are those from customers calling about your
services or products.

However, many small and medium businesses don’t have the budget for dedicated staff to
field these calls, which means that leads may be lost while others are on calls already, or
working in the field. Now more than ever, when a call goes unanswered, customers will
move on to the next Google result for the service they are after, rather than calling back –
especially if they are calling from a mobile phone.

NEC uMobility Global Reach

The NEC SV8100 communications system solves that problem, and lets customers reach you
whether you’re in the office, out on the road working in your business, or even just next door at the coffee shop!

The way it does this is deceptively simple. The system links your landline with your mobile
phone, meaning that both phones will ring at the same time when someone calls either
number. For businesses with employees who spend a lot of their time away from their
desks or the office, this simple feature is game-changing.

The nuts and bolts of how the system manages this is involved, but the simple
description is that the SV8100 acts as your businesses personal switchboard, routing the
incoming call to all available connected phones. That means that any employee or
manager with their work or personal mobile phone number entered into the system can
field the incoming calls for the business.

uMobility Diagram

The user features are simple to use and easy to learn. Hitting the star (*) key on any
phone will place a call on hold, no matter whether it is answered from a landline or a
mobile phone.

Mobile phone number extensions can also be “logged off” from the SV8100 system. This
means that employees can use their personal mobile phone handsets to accept work calls,
then log off when they are finished for the day. This is more convenient for employees than
carrying two phones, with the added benefit to the business that a dedicated work mobile
phone does not have to be purchased for each employee.

The best business solutions are those that fix the problems that owners and managers
have long considered to be inconvenient and unsolvable. The Univerge SV8100 system by
NEC goes a long way to solving the problem of lost business from missed phone calls.

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