Stocking Fillers Brought to You by Tele2!

With December upon us, Christmas trees being put up and decorated, and the placement of decorations being debated in homes across Australia, the signs are clear that the holiday season is fast approaching.

But as it is every year, the question of what presents to get your family and friends gets harder. We’ve found some really great stocking fillers from our partner, Telstra, to help fill up that Christmas stocking this year. These great gifts are also idea for secret Santa events, with affordable, high quality and useful options throughout the range.


JBL Micro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker


This is first on the list because it’s one of our favourites. This compact, stylish and completely portable speaker is perfect for the holidays because it can be taken absolutely anywhere. Whether you are going camping, getting a holiday house somewhere on Queensland’s beautiful coast, or taking a road trip this speaker can go with you.

The speaker gives off fantastic bass and clarity can even clip onto clothing while streaming music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Samsung Smartwatch

Smart watches are at the point now that smart phones were six or seven years ago. The technology is new, they haven’t cracked the mass market yet and only a few early adopters have them.

That makes the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch the ideal present for any technology enthusiast in your life. It pairs seamlessly with the Galaxy Note 3 or above, meaning that you can receive news, weather updates or text messages on the bright, clear display right there on your wrist.

It’s even got a camera and the ability to take voice memos for later and comes in a range of stylish colours to suit any taste.


Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender


While you might not be able to wear this one on your wrist, it is just as useful. The range extender means that big households or offices can plug the gaps in their Wi-Fi connections by multiplying the strength of their wireless signal.

A simple, elegant and affordable solution for a problem that affects many Wi-Fi users that allows you to stream music and video or just surf the internet without a weak connection interrupting.


Monster iCarplay Cassette Adapter 800


While it might be on the opposite end of the technological spectrum to a Wi-Fi multiplier, the Monster iCarplay Cassette Adapter is one for the technological holdouts.

This neat device allows users with cars that still have stereo cassette players to link them with your smartphone through a simple headphone jack. Then you can liberate your music and podcasts from your phone and listen to them while your driving instead of the AM radio!


Belkin MIXIT Micro Car Charger


While it is incredible how powerful smartphones are and how much we’ve come to rely on them for everyday tasks, they also come with one big flaw. They are notoriously power hungry. While our old Nokia “bricks” from the early 2000s were limited, at least you only needed to charge them once every three or four days.

After a day of heavy use, some smartphones don’t even make it to the commute home. That’s why the Belkin Mixit car charger is perfect. It plugs into your car and then all you need is a USB cable to charge your device. Perfect for people who spend a lot of time on the road or just the person who never calls you back at the end of the day because the phone is dead!


Belkin Lego Builder Phone Case

belkin lego case

Probably not the most practical item on the list, but definitely the one with the most retro appeal. This Lego inspired case is a fun present for anyone with an iPhone 5 or above. The semi-flexible outer frame and rubber nodules actually help dull external shocks and limit damage from accidental drops, but let’s face it, this isn’t being bought because it’s practical – you get it for someone because it’s cool.

This is just a cherry-picked list of our favourite gadgets and presents from Telstra’s range for Christmas, but if you’d like to see the full range in person and make your purchase through a local Sunshine Coast business, we are an official reseller so we’d be happy to help you out! Just contact us by clicking here.