The Sunshine Coast – Emerging Capital of a Smart Economy

A decade ago, references to a smart economy or digital economy would have been met with raised eyebrows, and maybe a confused shake of the head.

However, in 2014, the need for these types of jobs, and revenue-generating centres of business in Australia, is in the here and now, and the Sunshine Coast is well placed to take advantage of the emerging wave of innovation in the sector.

At Tele2, we are constantly surprised and encouraged by the amount of innovation and development coming out of the Sunshine Coast, so we thought it timely to share a little about the emerging smart economy.

What is a Smart Economy?

A smart economy is also sometimes referred to as a ‘digital economy’, and refers to the irreversible trend of the internet changing every aspect of every business in the world.

Once dismissed as a passing trend with limited implications for small businesses, now the delivery of information and services –instantly –has been integrated into businesses from lawn mowing franchises to medical diagnostics.

What Is Being Done?

The Sunshine Coast, through innovative projects like technology parks and small business innovation grants, has already established a good track record for tapping into the growth of the smart economy.

A recent development in the space was the substantial increase proposed by the Central Queensland University (CQU) to their student base in Noosa. The plan calls for a ten-fold increase in numbers enrolled, from 600 presently, to a figure closer to 6000.

The areas targeted are information technology development and medical research, two areas that are crying out for bright, motivated, and talented employees Australia-wide.

Innovations in education that are able to be delivered over the internet also mean that courses from CQU can be rolled out remotely, and give distance education students in rural locations the benefits if face-to-face support via video links and networked tutorials and classes.

Other contributors to the significant smart economy presence on the Sunshine Coast include ground-breaking initiatives such as the Centre For Intelligent Networks, which is a research centre that provides an environment for bright minds to work together and collaborate.

The foundations of a smart economy are well entrenched in the Sunshine Coast, and recent announcements and investment point to a growing awareness and development of the concept.

Here at Tele2, we are very excited to be part of the business and technology community as the smart economy transforms the Sunshine Coast. Our aim is to help business grow and adapt to the ever-changing world of the internet and IT, and we offer a helping hand or advice whenever needed. Click here to contact our friendly staff and find out how we can help future-proof your business today.