Switching Your Business to VOIP: Mythbusting and The Benefits

At Tele2, it never ceases to amaze us how many half-truths and rumours spread whenever there is a new technology on the market. Interestingly, it’s not just new technology that provokes this reaction. Every time the daylight saving debate crops up, there is a range of people who put forward a range of reasons why Queensland should or should fall into step with the other eastern states.

For business owners, the benefits of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) have been stacking up for many years now. But like daylight saving, there are also some interesting theories that weve heard about it. Software Advice, a VoIP software research website, conducted a study on the reasons people are hesitant to switch to VoIP, so we thought wed do some mythbusting.


“VOIP is Unreliable”

Small businesses rely on the phone to keep ringing and/or to keep customers walking in the door. Many small business owners fear that switching from their PSTN landline will leave them vulnerable to a internet service outage, meaning that the phones will stop ringing.

This myth may well be a remnant from the days of dial up internet, when service loss was fairly common and “redialling” was both frustrating and time consuming. The reality is that with good broadband infrastructure and the investment in the world class National Broadband Network, large scale outages are incredibly rare.

Even if there was a catastrophic failure of the local network, businesses with hosted VOIP can simply route their calls to other phones, including their mobile phones.


“Don’t Know the Benefits”

Unfamiliarity is another big reason that small businesses do not think about switching to VOIP – and that is completely valid. With all of the things that are involved in running a business, busy owners don’t have the time to put together pros and cons lists. So here is a quick summary:

VOIP is cheaper than traditional phones lines, has bundling benefits with your internet service, and can integrate with your employees’ mobile phones. It is also easy to install and can be simply scaled up or down without huge extra costs as your needs change.


“Don’t Need to Switch”

The Nokia 3210 was a fantastic phone. Lightweight (for a brick), it also made phone calls, sent text messages and even came with the game Snake. The point is, there was no “need” to switch to a newer more modern phone, as the 3210 did all of the basics.

But that kind of logic obviously doesn’t work in the real world, and even less so in business. If there is an option out there that delivers a range of benefits and efficiencies, then you have to ask whether you can afford to miss out on them.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of VOIP or just have some questions answered click here – our friendly team here at Tele2 is on hand to help you. We would love to make doing business on the Sunshine Coast easier, and cheaper, for you!