Taking A Look At The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Until this year, the sentence “NSW wins State of Origin Series” had never been truthfully typed into an iPhone. While it’s a fun statistic (especially for we Queenslanders) it also goes to show how rapidly smartphones and their larger cousins, the tablets, have evolved in the last few years.

While smartphones with big beautiful screens quickly became popular and overtook non-touchscreen phones, it was some time before tablets gained the same popularity.

Perhaps inevitably, there was eventually a crossover between the two, with a phone with an ultra large screen that was somewhere between a phone and a tablet size eventually being born and being given an entirely new category: the phablet (phone plus tablet).

Now the makers of the original phablet, Samsung, have debuted the latest addition to their flagship line with the Galaxy Note 4.


Look and Feel


Straight off the bat, the first thing you notice about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the size. From corner to corner, the screen measures almost a whopping 14.5 cm. The new Galaxy Note takes its design cues from an earlier release, the Galaxy Alpha. This means that unlike previous Notes there are silver accents around the rim and buttons, replacing the all plastic exterior of previous editions.

This brings the Galaxy Note 4 into line with other premium phones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Sony Xperia Z3, and means that the overall look of the handset is much improved.

The other thing to remember is that this is not a phone that fits comfortably into the pocket of a pair of jeans, because of its size. Its size means also means that for users with smaller hands, using the phone one-handed is pretty much impossible, as the width and height of the screen will mean buttons at the margins require the use of your other hand.


The Display


But after you get used to the size, the benefits of having that amount of screen space comes into focus. For a start, the resolution of the screen is markedly higher than the previous model, almost doubling to a 2650 x 1440 pixel display. That’s something like the jump in picture quality from a DVD to a Blu-Ray disc.

The improvement is especially noticeable when playing HD videos or streaming content that is filmed in HD, such as sport or new release movies or TV shows.


Operating System and Software

As with all Android powered phones, the Galaxy Note 4 comes with the latest release of KitKat 4.4, and will be well equipped to handle any updates in the near future. The phone also comes with the custom Samsung TouchWiz system installed, which allows the stylus, or S-Pen as Samsung calls it, to operate seamlessly on the device.

You also receive the well-regarded Flipboard App on the home screen as a replacement for the old My Magazine feature. Another neat feature is the ability to turn on Google’s search by voice feature as a default setting.

As with all of Samsung’s phones, there is no end of ways to customise the home screen to your preferences. But if you crave simplicity, you can still switch the interface to “Easy mode” which de-clutters the home screen substantially.


Key Features

Some of the best features of the phablet family are on offer in the Note 4, and have been improved. One of the standouts is the ability to open multitasking windows, which let you run two app windows side by side. For business users especially, this is excellent. For example, you could search a clients business address on Google maps while at the same time checking traffic and weather conditions on the route there on another app.

The stylus pen also allows for quick and natural note taking or adding amendments or additions to existing documents, which again, can be a great feature for business users.


The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is definitely a premium smartphone at the upper end of the market in terms of both features and price. While it may be a little large for some, the screen size and applications open up a whole range of new possibilities for users, particularly those using their phone for business as well as pleasure.

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