Tele 2 Maintenance Cover for Telephone Systems

Telephone systems, multimedia devices, tablets and mobile phones are all tools that open up endless options for businesses. They make it possible to at once streamline work processes and do things more quickly, while providing better customer service and quality.

That is, of course, until they stop working. When the simplest tool like the business phone just stops working, a small business owner can be left feeling helpless and frustrated. The consequences can also be far-reaching, with loss of reputation, lowering of high customer service standards and negative feedback all potentially resulting from the basic inability to receive and make calls.

That’s why at Tele 2 we offer a comprehensive maintenance service agreement to help ensure that this key asset that businesses often take for granted – their telephone system – is always ready to serve the business, so that the business can serve its customers.

The agreement is designed to give Tele 2’s customers absolute peace of mind when they trust us with the upkeep of their telephone system. The benefits also flow through to knowing that the investment made in the telephone system is safe and that all business communication is secure.


What the Cover Includes

The cover is designed to be comprehensive, so understanding what it includes is important.

Our service help desk is only a call away in the event that you need over-the-phone support to resolve simple matters. If we need to send out a technician to your site to repair, test or replace a system, this is included in the cover (the conditions are laid out in the terms of the contract).

Should parts need replacing, our clients who have a maintenance service agreement will receive priority access to parts. Importantly, we will provide you with loan equipment, if necessary, until those parts have arrived and your phone system is in perfect running order again.

We also make sure that any software updates that are required are made available promptly, and we liaise with Telstra when problems arise that relate to the fixed infrastructure, such as the telephone lines.

When you have a Tele2 telephone maintenance contract, we will liaise with you on preventative processes. These include consultations before office relocations, supply of protective devices to insulate your systems from power surges, and annual visits to do a comprehensive system check to identify any potential issues before they become problems.

The significance of a telephone system for a business is something that is only truly appreciated when for some reason it becomes inoperable or unavailable. With Tele 2’s Maintenance Service Agreement that system is secured by our experience and skilled technicians who are able to prevent problems before they arise and fix them promptly when they do, so that businesses can continue to do what they do best. To speak to one of our friendly staff or for further information click here.