Telstra All-4-Biz Bundles

Telstra All-4-Biz Bundles

The More You Add The More You Save

Telstra All-4-Biz bundles reward those who combine their services with Tele2 and Telstra. Fixed lines, mobile, broadband, T-Suite®, Data & IP and other eligible services can all be added to your account. The bigger plan you get, the cheaper the call rates become. Enjoy low call rates and extra benefits – such as free voice calls in Australia between fixed and mobile phones on your Telstra All-4-Biz plan. There’s also a Loyalty Bonus, available upfront, which you can use for approved products or charges.

You’ll also have the freedom to add or remove services as your needs change.

What you get with All-4-Biz bundles:

  • Free voice calls in Australia between all the fixed and mobile phones on your All-4-Biz account, subject to our FairPlay policy.
  • One plan with low rates for your fixed and mobile services.
  • One convenient bill for all the services on your All-4-Biz account.
  • A Loyalty Bonus for you to spend on approved services and equipment.
  • The freedom to change, add or remove services as your needs change.

Your Loyalty Bonus is your reward for keeping your business with us. The bigger your plan and the longer the term, the more rewards you get. Available from the moment you sign up, you can redeem your Loyalty Bonus through us for credit on your Telstra Invoice to purchase equipment to use with services on your Telstra All-4-Biz account, such as:

  • Mobile phones and related equipment including handsets, accessories and smart phones
  • Fixed/office phone equipment including desk phones, answering machines, fax machines, Telstra Business phone systems, headsets, and accessories
  • Broadband/data devices and equipment

What it your All-4-Biz Bundle can be used for:

You can use your loyalty bonus on a range of equipment, and certain charges, as set out in the eligible product list, which we can change from time to time.

The equipment you buy, or charge you pay using the Loyalty Bonus, must be used in conjunction with a service on your All-4-Biz account. You can only use your Loyalty Bonus towards equipment you buy from us directly, our licensees or dealers, or authorised third parties, and which is on the list of eligible products.

What it can’t be used for:

You can’t use the loyalty bonus for anything that isn’t on the eligible products list.

You may also redeem your Loyalty Bonus for once-off set-up, installation, establishment or connection fees related to equipment or services added to your All-4-Biz account.

These are fees that appear on your All-4-Biz invoice and include:

  • Telstra set-up, connection, installation or establishment fees
  • T-Suite® application implementation, configuration, integration, customisation, migration and project management charges
  • Telstra Plus charges when billed directly to the All-4-Biz account invoice
  • Reprogramming of phone systems when moving to Telstra
  • Tablet devices that are SIM enabled and connected to a Telstra Mobile Broadband® on your All-4-Biz account

Your Loyalty Bonus cannot be used for the following products or purchases:

  • Your Telstra All-4-Biz minimum monthly spend
  • Telstra charges for services (for example, monthly access fees, usage charges and other ongoing fees)
  • Mobile Repayment Option, Fixed Repayment Option or rental/lease payment amounts
  • Products or charges not used in conjunction with your All-4-Biz services;
  • Telemetry handsets, PDA devices
  • Laptops, IT equipment
  • Purchases made (or services provided) through a non-approved channel or outside of your Account
  • Multifunction units (printer/scanner/fax) greater than $500 per unit. Only the first $500 per device can be redeemed against your Loyalty Bonus
  • Any equipment that is not substantially used for telecommunications, for example computers, monitors, servers, laptops, notebooks, printers, scanners, TVs, sound systems, office equipment, general software, furniture, travel, accommodation, entertainment, household goods, intercoms, security equipment, power generation equipment, in vehicle navigation, control equipment, computer network and cabling
  • Telstra Business Systems lease or rental charges; and
  • Non Telstra Business Systems PABX equipment
    Any products or equipment that aren’t used in connection with a service on your All-4-Biz Account.

Your Loyalty Bonus amount is not transferable or redeemable as cash and cannot be taken as a cheque, paid to third parties or used to pay any existing service or equipment charges.

We will reduce the amount in your Loyalty Bonus account by the full GST inclusive price of the approved items redeemed by you. Once the redemption is confirmed and processed, the relevant credit will appear in your next Telstra bill for your Telstra Business All-4-Biz Plan.

How do I redeem my All-4-Biz Loyalty Bonus?

Step 1:
Spend your Loyalty Bonus on approved Telstra products and services

Step 2:

  • Complete the Redemption Claim Back form by clicking here
  • Enter your email address and All-4-Biz account number
  • Enter your purchase details
  • Enter the dollar amount of the purchase including GST
  • Print and sign the form

Step 3:

  • Scan your receipts and signed form
  • Submit the signed form and receipts

Step 4:

  • Receive completion or rejection advice via email

A Few Details


  • Don’t have a scanner? Take a digital photo image of your receipts
  • Don’t know your All-4-Biz account balance or number?
  • Click here to request a Loyalty Bonus account balance or number and receive an email with your account number

Loyalty Bonus

  • The Loyalty Bonus can be spent at any time during the term of the plan
  • Spend it on buying new telecommunications equipment such as handsets, office phone systems, mobiles, modems and broadband devices
  • Put it towards service costs, such as set-up and installation fees when you add or move services

Redemption approved
Redemption of your Loyalty Bonus will be notified to you by email to advise whether the redemption has been approved or rejected:

  • Receipt is not for a valid product or service (see your contract for details)
  • Product or service has already been processed
  • Loyalty Fund has been fully redeemed against already

Things you need to know

Eligible Services: Any service consolidated to your All-4-Biz account except for Business Line Choice Business Line part or to any other plan that is not a Business Line plan. Mobile services not connected to an All-4-Biz mobile plan cannot be included on your All-4-Biz account and cannot draw from the monthly included value. The monthly included value can be used to pay for most charges but can’t be used for upfront charges for hardware or equipment, or for infrastructure costs.

Loyalty Bonus: To use your loyalty bonus towards payment of approved accessories, they must be purchased with approved equipment and be on the same invoice