Telstra BizEssentials Bundles

Telstra BizEssentials Bundles

The Essential Bundle For Any Business

Combine your fixed phone line and broadband with Telstra BizEssentials. From as little as $80 per month for 24 months, you can take care of your fixed phone and broadband. One plan. One contact. One bill. What’s more, the savings are impressive. For starters, you won’t pay for any intra-company calls so long as the numbers are listed on your BizEssentials account. In other words staff can talk among themselves for free on both mobiles and fixed lines while in Australia.

Simply work out how many calls everyone makes, plus their internet usage, and pick a plan that suits.

Telstra BizEssentials Basic 100GB Plan – $80 a month (24 month min.cost $1979 inc. $59 activation fee)

This basic plan is for those who primarily make local calls and use the internet to pay bills and send emails.

This plan is for you if:

  • you mostly make local phone calls
  • you use email a bit, but not constantly
  • you really only use the internet for looking up information, paying bills, etc
  • you don’t make many calls to mobiles or long-distance numbers.

Telstra BizEssentials Everyday 300GB Plan – $100 a month (24 month min.cost $2459 inc. $59 activation fee)

This in-between plan is for a company of smart communicators, who make the most of phones, email and the internet to get the job done.

This plan is for you if:

  • you really rely on your phone to stay in touch with people
  • you get a lot of information sent to you via email
  • the internet’s an important tool for downloading information, videos, etc

Telstra BizEssentials Max 1000GB Plan -$150 (24 month min.cost $3659 inc. $59 activation fee)

This maximum plan is for those who call whenever they want, use a lot of email and generally treat the web as their window to the world.

This plan is for you if:

  • you’re always on the phone or the internet, or both at once
  • you’d like the freedom to forget about call costs
  • you want to be sure you’re not going to exceed your allowance for web and email downloads
  • you want to fix your monthly costs and budget with more certainty.


Things you need to know

Fixed phone

The included call allowances and call charges only apply to calls made from your nominated primary fixed line service for your Telstra BizEssentials Plan. Excludes some use, such as calls made from any other service on your account, calls to mobile services that are using international roaming, international calls, calls to 13 and 1300 numbers or calls to and from premium service numbers (including 1900 and 0055).

Free on account calls

Free on account calls do not apply to video calls, international calls or international roaming calls. You can have a maximum of 10 fixed or mobile services on the same account as your Telstra BizEssentials Plan. You can purchase multiple Telstra BizEssentials Plans, however free on account calls do not apply between services on different Telstra BizEssentials Plans.


Unused data allowance expires monthly.
If you don’t have an existing broadband service with Telstra, a once off $59 activation fee will apply for each new broadband service you connect.

Business domain name

Subject to availability and meeting the eligibility criteria: .au domain name registered and hosted for 24 months, .com domain name registered and hosted for 12 months. Renewal fees will be charged after initial registration. Each .com domain name will automatically renew unless you advise us otherwise and fees will apply. If you acquire multiple Telstra Business Broadband services then you must associate the included 10 Business Mail POP mailboxes with a separate domain name for each Telstra Business Broadband service. Service not available in all areas.

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