Telstra Business Systems

Telstra Business Systems

Telstra TBS All In One Business Communications Solutions

Tele2 can connect you to a Telstra Business System where the phone system is purchased through Telstra, either by an outright purchase, rental or lease, however supplied and installed by Tele2 whilst still having the option of Tele2’s leading brands. The payment for the business system appears on your telephone bill therefore consolidating all your communication costs.

Leading NEC-Telstra Business Systems on offer include:

NEC SV8100
NEC SL 1100
When you run a business, you can’t afford to be missing out on business. An advanced telephony solution can provide you with a fully-featured phone system configured to meet your present and future needs. And in an effort to bring you the best, we’ve aligned ourselves with some of the finest telephone system manufacturers in the world.

Patience may be a virtue, but even the most patient customer might become a former customer if they’re left waiting on-hold when your business has a high volume of calls to answer. How can you make sure your team responds quickly to deliver a positive customer experience every time? A Telstra NEC solution gives you the combined expertise of two of the world’s leading communications solutions providers in a single package to simplify your business and maximise call management capabilities, even at busy times.

Happy Customers

“The call centre functionality allows for uniform call queuing across all our phone lines and makes it easy to provide general information to our client base. This in turn improves customer service.”

Amazing Loans

With an NEC phone system, you can add a level of personalised service to your business that customers will really appreciate. Based on a caller’s ID, the customer service representative is instantly presented on their screen with the customer’s information, whether it’s previous service requests, address details or product specifications. This means there’s no need to repeatedly ask for that information – it speeds up processing time, as well as wait times.

Simplify administration

Improve reporting, billing and budgeting. Consolidating your telephony services with Telstra can provide you with a single invoice, plus regular reporting and telephone system financing options. Receive a single bill for all your calls. And have one point of contact for the end-to-end management of your voice communications.

Free up your working capital

Purchase outright, choose from our 12 or 24 months repayment options, or enter into a rental or finance lease agreement with Telstra’s preferred third-party financier, Capital Finance, and get all your charges on a single Telstra bill.