Telstra Launches Its New Branded Accessories Range

It’s safe to say that the Telstra name and brand is one of the most widely recognised in
Australia. But with their recent investments in mobile phone coverage in rural areas and
customer service standards that rank number one in the industry, that recognition is
increasingly coupled with customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The most recent news from Australia’s national phone company is its foray into exclusive
branded accessories. Telstra has committed to a high quality, cost effective and stylish
range of accessories and other hardware that in their words “protects, connects and
maximises” the use of your mobile devices.


The first step that Telstra has taken in providing a range of high quality products is taking
the nationally accredited quality assurance standards and making sure that each of their
products not only meets them, but exceeds them.

In addition, the company has signed the United Nations Global Compact, which is an
international standard that further reinforces the commitment to quality. Telstra has also
committed to rigorous testing that puts products through durability, consistency and even
voltage and drop testing.


USB Car Charger – Obviously smart phones are great, and they are becoming
indispensable for both personal and business use for Australians everywhere. However,
despite recent improvements, it’s a reality that the handsets draw down on their battery
power at a ravenous rate. That’s why a top quality USB car charger is the first product in
the new range from Telstra.

USB Travel Charger – The other half to the USB charger pair is the handy device that allows your to plug your phone straight into any international outlet, which allows your to conserve your other adapter for charging your camera to take awesome travel shots!

USB 3.0 High Speed Cable – These transfer cables allow file transfers to be supercharged
for speed, with performance levels that are 10 time faster than a regular USB while still
being completely compatible with regular USB ports on devices.

PocketPower – A Tele2 favourite is the PocketPower remote battery pack for mobile
phones. The best part is that it also has the ability to put extra charge into tablets, which
are increasingly viewed as crucial for employees working on the road.

Phone Protection – Whether it’s hard wearing cases or screen protection, the range from
Telstra has your mobile or tablet covered, and what’s more, they look great as well.

Telstra’s new branded accessories range is a high quality addition to mobile devices used
by most businesses and personal users, and the Tele2 team is on hand to advise you on
the highlights of the range.

Check out the full catalogue by clicking here.