The Essential Guide to Choosing Your Business Phone System

Starting a new business comes with an absolute avalanche of decisions that demand your attention. From figuring out the company logo, securing business premises, to organising the dreaded administrative side of things, there are literally dozens of things to decide before you begin trading.

While it may be less glamorous than the interior design options for your office or which type of coffee machine to have in the lunchroom, the decision you make about your business phone system is a critical one. With all the advancements in internet technology and instant messaging, the phone is still the primary communication tool for business, so you need to make sure you have the system that serves your needs.

With that in mind we thought we’d take you through a simple step by step checklist to look at when deciding on your business phone needs.


Step 1 – Audit

The first step is to take a step back and figure out exactly what your communication needs are. Your inputs into this are the number of employees you have, how many calls both inbound and outbound you think you’ll need to field at once and whether this will change in the short term.

For example, a newly established real estate agency with five employees will need all staff members to be working the phones and available to make calls at any time, so will obviously need more resources than a two person visual design studio.


Step 2 – Complexity

How much functionality does your phone system need to have? Do you require the functionality to conference call, place multiple callers on hold and have multiple voicemail inboxes? Or is your phone merely a contact portal, with most of your business conducted face to face?

Obviously these are extreme examples, but phone systems are like cars, they come with a lot of optional extras. But you will also pay for each of them, so be sure that you are getting only what you need.


Step 3 – VOIP versus Traditional

This is a choice that we spend a lot of time of in other posts, but VOIP business phone systems have fantastic benefits when compared to traditional systems. If you’d like more information, you can find it right here on our website or by giving us a call.


Step 4 – Get Some Expert Advice

Don’t make the mistake of only getting in contact with an expert source when you think you’ve made a final decision. At Tele2, we can provide you obligation free advice at an early stage of your research. Very often, we get small businesses come to us thinking they’ve made a final choice, but without knowing all their options.


Step 5 – Decide on Your Provider

Deciding on your phone hardware provider is just as important as deciding who provides your internet and electricity. At Tele2, we believe we offer great service and quality that is tailored to our small and medium sized business clients.

For those businesses that don’t want a large up-front payment and are seeking to manage their cash flow at an early stage, we can offer a phone rental agreement. This allows you to manage your telecommunications needs flexibly as you grow, without the need for a substantial up front investment.

For clients with ongoing contracts with us, we can provide you ongoing support and cleaning services to make sure that your phones stay in perfect working order and that you protect your investment.

Recent research showed that the humble phone was one of the most heavily contaminated areas of most workplaces, so we came up with this offering to ensure that the health and wellbeing of your office is of the highest standard.

If you would like any more information about which phone system is right for you, or inquire about our services and the packages we can offer our business customers, please contact us by clicking here. We are here to help make choosing your business phone system simpler.