Don’t throw your old electronic equipment – recycle it!

You may have seen us promote our latest service, technology recycling, and wonder why we have decided to pursue this business venture. The answer is simple….. we are updating technology for our clients daily and you can only imagine how much obsolete equipment there is between phone systems, computers, mobiles and so on. Our clients are asking us what they should do with their old technology and to take it off their hands.

Our Director, Graeme Rose, has had extensive experience in the UK organising recycling and waste management collections for thousands of clients across the country. Graeme was one of the founders of a company called 707 Resource Management. 707 was one of the fastest growing environmental businesses in the UK and they were successful in helping many national companies improve their environmental performance; eliminating waste being sent to landfill and in the process reducing costs. Legislation in Europe has been introduced which has banned electrical waste from going into landfill and it is expected that the same will happen in Australia in the near future. It is also interesting to note that landfill tax, which was introduced years ago in the UK to encourage businesses to recycle, is now priced at well over $100 a tonne and is continuing to increase every year. You may recall a landfill levy to was introduced in Queensland but was subsequently scrapped by the current Queensland government.

Sally Ayhan from Channel Nine in Perth recently wrote an article for National Recycling Week where she stated that “many of us can’t resist the state of the art gadgets which are constantly entering the market. New mobile phones are being released every few months, the latest computers are promoted and the flattening, specialization and digitization of TVs is forever encouraging us to upgrade our home entertainment.

Australians are some of the most rapid adopters of new technology in the world.  We buy more than four million computers and three million televisions annually.  It’s this addiction to technology that has electronic waste growing three times faster than any other waste in the country.

Recycling Technology Plant

Ahead of National Recycling Week, a Planet Arc report Recycling Revolution, found that in 2011-12 only 10 per cent of the 29 million computers and TVs which had reached their “end of life” had been recycled.

According to the report 95 to 98 per cent of the materials can be recycled and more gold can be recovered from 1 tonne of computer waste than 17 tonnes of gold mined from the ground. Re-usable material otherwise headed straight for landfill.

Salvaging valuable materials from our used electronics is not only resourceful but it also limits the e-waste going into landfill.  Electronics can often contain toxic and hazardous material, which can leach into groundwater and cause contamination.”

That is why Tele2 has decided to become an environmentally-focused company, creating a new division called T2 Environmental where we will come and collect your electronic waste and arrange for it to be recycled. T2 will also be providing a full waste management and recycling service to companies throughout Queensland. Please contact us today if you would be interested in Graeme coming out to provide a free, no obligation audit and report.

If you can’t find a second home for your old technology, then contact us by clicking here to dispose of them sustainably.