Top 5 Mobile Phone Manufacturers Globally & in Australia

Statistics from IHS Research show the top 5 mobile phone manufacturers by handset sales globally in 2012 as compared to the previous year.

Samsung took the number one spot with 29% of the mobile phone market world wide, a 5% lead on Nokia at 24%.

The remainder of the top 5 were Apple at 10%, ZTE at 6% and LG following at 4%.

It is predicted that the roll out of Samsung’s latest product, the Galaxy S4 in 2013, will drive Samsung’s market share creating a greater lead from its competitors this year.

What is interesting is how these statistics differ between countries. In Australia, Apple have dominated the mobile market for quite some time and appear to continue to do so.

Marketing Magazine produced this info-graphic in 2011 in relation to iPhone vs Android market share in Australia.

Mobile Infographic in Aust 2011 cropped1

“Smartphone penetration has risen again in the first three months of the year, up from 52% to 56% of mobile phone owners. 38% are iPhone owners, a figure that has remained stable over the past quarter, but Android is closing the gap, having increased its share from 28% to 31%.”

In relation to handset sales in 2011, Apple’s share surged with the launch of the iPhone 4S but eased towards the end of the year as the Android market handset sales increased driven by Samsung and HTC models.

The following graph indicates how people are using their smartphones in 2011 between Apple and Android.

Mobile Infographic in Aust 2011 cropped2










Statistics for 2012 in Australia have been slow to be released however AIMIA mobile industry group at the end of 2012 produced results from surveying mobile phone users in Australia and identified that Apple remains the most popular handset at 40%, followed by Samsung at 18%.

Mobile Stats Aust Manufacturer 2012 cropped














Telstra was clearly the mobile phone carrier of choice with a 28% point lead over Optus.

Mobile Stats Carrier 2012 resized


As mentioned previously, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year it is predicted that Samsung will gain more market share and therefore perhaps close the gap with Apple in Australia.