Travelling Overseas? Things you need to know…..

When travelling overseas most of us want to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues, or at least be accessible if a need arises. However there are a few things that you need to know about before you leave.

International Roaming needs to be activated to allow you to automatically make and receive calls, send and receive data or access other services on your mobile phone when abroad. Facilitated through the network services of our international telecommunication affiliates, International Roaming helps you stay in touch.

Using your Telstra service overseas means you can stay in touch via your existing number. However, it can be very expensive. If you’re using a mobile or mobile broadband device, you need to be aware of potential data costs. International Casual Traveler Data Packs are ideal for less frequent overseas travelers.

If you have a Post-Paid service and haven’t used International Roaming before, then you’ll need to apply to have it activated.

If you’ve used International Roaming before on your mobile or mobile broadband service, it may already be active. Buy an International Casual Traveler Data Pack to help you manage your data costs and avoid bill shock.

Telstra have just announced in the last couple of days that they are making some pricing changes to prevent potential bill shock from International Roaming data usage, to provide cost certainty while travelling, gain customers’ trust and to promote greater advocacy.

From 14 October (Post-Paid) & 24 October (Pre-Paid) the cost of data while international roaming will be cut by up to 80%. Travellers to 50 countries world-wide will also be able to access five times the data for the same price with Casual Traveller Data Packs and Frequent Traveller Data Plans (not available to Big Pond Mobile Broadband). Telstra will also reduce the Pay-As-You-Go rate from $15.36 to $3.00 per MB for all countries worldwide. There will be more information made available in the coming weeks!

Click here to check out essential information you must consider and have activated prior to departure which includes the following:

  • Activating International Roaming
  • Voice Pricing and Compatibility
  • Data Pack Pricing
  • Managing Data Usage (including a video on checking the settings on an iPhone)
  • Managing Voice Calls
  • What to do when you get home

It’s a busy time when preparing for an overseas trip however don’t leave it until the last minute to have these features activated as there is a lead time.

In order for us to ensure that the appropriate packs are activated by the time you leave, please contact our office on 5478 2000 at least one week prior to departure.

Happy Travels!