Unconventional Uses For Your Smartphone

A lot of us are familiar with the saying that we only use 10% of our brains, while for our regular day-to-day activities, 90% goes unused. While that may or may not be true of our minds, it’s almost certainly true of our smartphones.

These incredible pieces of technology that most of us carry around in our pockets and handbags every day of our lives singularly possess more power than the computer that sent man to the moon.

So what are some of the weirdest and wackiest uses for smartphones that people have dreamed up?



The name might bring to mind a warm summer’s day or the latest perfume, but the truth is much less friendly. PETAL stands for Pattern Enhancement Tool for Assisting Landmine Sensing. Yes, landmines.

It turns our that by combining a standard metal detector with an iPhone, you can use a special app to visualise the hidden outline of these deadly weapons.

Bet you didn’t realise that you were carrying the power to save a life with you!



Some parents might exclaim that they swear that the sole reason their teenagers have been put on this Earth is to annoy them. And those same parents are probably the target market for this app.

The creators claim that the app pumps out sound waves that are tuned to such a frequency that only teenagers will be able to hear them. Oh and the sounds aren’t pleasant, ranging from nails on a chalkboard to alien noises.



There’s an amusing saying that is a product of the modern era that says “friends don’t let friends ‘get drunk and text’”. Well iBlackout is an extra failsafe – stopping you from sending embarrassing messages to friends or co-workers.

The app has a blood alcohol content estimator, as well as a feature which tracks where you went (i.e. which bars) and who you called or texted during the night. Might be handy coming into Christmas/New Years party season!


Overdoing It

In China, new iPhone models are coveted since they are typically released a little later than they are in North America. Maybe that’s why one love-struck guy had the idea that to propose to his girlfriend, he would arrange 99 of them in the shape of a heart, and propose to her from inside it.

We’re not sure whether that was a romantic gesture or not, but the result was definitely not the one he was after. She said no, leaving him on one knee and with a nasty phone bill.

This list barely scratches the surface of the most interesting and bizarre ways that people have come up with to make their phones work for them. If we can help you with more serious pursuits like your business, personal and mobile communications needs, please get in contact by clicking here, we’re here to make communicating simpler!